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Taking your measurements

Download your FREE custom measurement kit here

Here are detailed instructions for taking your measurements, along with pictures demonstrating each measurement.

Please read and follow instructions carefully.

In order to get accurate measurements, we recommend having them taken by a professional dressmaker or seamstress. Self measuring is generally inaccurate and could result in an ill-fitting gown.

To Measure, you will need a dressmakers tape (measuring tape) available at craft and fabric shops and another person to do the
measuring for you.
Take your measurements wearing undergarments similar to those you will be wearing with the wedding gown. Whilst being measured, stand up straight with your arms relaxed down by your side.


1.Bust: Not your bra size! Take the tape around your back and bring it across your nipple line (typically the fullest part of the breast). Your arms should be relaxed, down at your sides, stand with your back straight.

2.Waist: This is the smallest part of your waist. Typically it’s an inch or so above your belly button.

3.High Hip: around the hips at fullest point, 4 1/2 inches below the waist.

4.Low Hip: Measure around the fullest part of the bottom. Be sure to stand with your back straight and arms relaxed at your side.

5.Shoulder To Waist: Start the tape at your shoulder (where your bra strap would be) and measure down to your waist line, make sure the measuring tape is over the fullest part of the bust.

6.Shoulder To Apex: Start the tape at your shoulder and measure down to your nipple.

7.Waist to Floor: Measure from your Natural Waist to where you want the hem to be. This is a NET SIZE (No shoes).

8.Full length: This is the length from your shoulder to your feet (No shoes). You should stand upright and your feet should be kept together.

Make sure the tape is over the fullest part of the bust and drop naturally to the floor.

9.Shoulder to Shoulder: Only needed for dress with sleeves. This is the width of your shoulder. Measurement should be taken across your back.

10.Arm girth: This measurement gives us the size of the sleeve hole that you are comfortable wearing. This measurement is entirely subjective and you can make the sleeve hole as wide or snug as you are comfortable with. Measure around shoulder and underarm.

11.Bicep girth: around arm at fullest part of upper arm. Your arm should be relaxed at your side.

12.Heel height: Please tell us the heel height of your wedding

13.Your height: Please tell us your height without shoes


Wedding gowns are sized differently to other apparel. It is very important that you use this measurement guide in conjunction with the size chart to help you determine your size.

The measurements are to be taken to determine the closest size to be ordered. If your measurements indicate one size for the “bust” and a different size for the “waist/ and or hips”, we suggest ordering according to the largest measurement.


Remember – it is easier to have a dress taken in than let out, so if in doubt order the larger size and you can have it altered when you receive it.